The émergisme Thérèse Fortin
A magical world! A unique experience!
The eye sees shapes and colors.
The artist releases a figure-ground perception
Welcome to my gallery - Thérèse Fortin
This new approach to painting combines abstract and figurative. The initial approach completely chaotic and devoid of any preconceived solution does not seek a preliminary result.

On a white canvas, the colors are made by automatic gestures. They intertwine, overlap, without further research than to be complementary rub in lights and shadows.

The lights and shadows of what, exactly? Nothing at all ... Until in the darkness, turning and returning the canvas in all directions, we discover beings, atmospheres, life situations, landscapes or movements.

Back in the studio, this time in the harsh light of halogen, sketch identifies elements or charts that break out in the spatula and brush.

So then, the real work begins (or perhaps the real pleasure) ... reach an arm, highlight, ruffle a head, highlight, circle a face ... precise gestures turn give more figurative an initial cluster of spots do not mean much to the average person.

Doser continuing involvement is necessary because the best pictures are those where the viewer can take part in printing contained in the work.

You have to leave room for the public imagination, and large portions of paintings, the artist fades to give disturbing and interrogative works.

The médium

At the present time, the use of oil as a medium may seem an outdated approach. But this medium can in certain, approach the luminosity of watercolor. On the other hand, the dry oil paint slowly and the technical quality is essential to enable the work of the subjects in the spots.