The émergisme Thérèse Fortin
Un univers envoûtant! Une expérience unique!
Émergisme de groupe
Welcome to my gallery - Thérèse Fortin
In émergisme group, company employees gather to find a theme.
Thereafter, each placed on a scrim to make a stain creation team.
This form of communication gives everyone a place in the whole.
The company keeps the work for exiber the importance of the group.

On a white canvas
the colors are deposited
by automatic gestures.
They intertwine, overlap
without any research.
 Trio ( front )

Artist's eyes watching spots. The random arrangement of the color organizes the artist's interpretation to enable it to reach a canvas.

Trio ( after )

The first example is Tai Chi was done with the members
Board of Directors of Pepsico,
during one of their annual meetings.

Tai Chi ( front )

Tai Chi ( after )

'' Trio '', '' Continual escalation '' and '' Beach Bike 'were made during a three-team session
tightening with the pharmaceutical company Upsher-Smith Laboratories Inc.
and J.P.D.L. group Québec.

Velo ( front )
  Velo ( after )